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Take Me Back Tuesday – Aruba!

If you take a look through my passport you might find an Aruba stamp on every page.  My parents have had a time share there for about 10 years now so I have been quite a few times.  It is an absolutely beautiful island!  The locals are friendly, there are a ton of activities to do, and beautiful places to see.  Aruba has something for everyone from families to couples to friends!  I have always gone during the month of January which has always had perfect weather.  Although I hear it’s pretty much perfect year round.


The La Cabana

The La Cabana is an awesome resort off of the hi-rise strip and right across from the beach.  I haven’t been there in a few years but my parents said that they have been doing a ton of renovations recently so it just keeps getting better and better!



Pool Bar

They have great happy hours with live music!



My Favorite Things To Do

Kukoo Kunuku (Pronounced koo-koo koo-noo-koo)!

This has always been one of my favorite things to do in Aruba.  This crazy and fun school bus picks you up at your hotel.  You first stop for a champagne toast at sunset up on a hill.  It’s gorgeous!  Then they take you to a local residence to have dinner.  The night really gets started with stops at three different local bars around the island.  It’s a blast!



The Jolly Pirate Snorkeling Tour

This snorkeling tour is so much more than that!  The snorkeling is really cool and takes you around a ship-wreck but on top of that you get open bar, snacks, and the chance to jump off the rope swing!  Or hop on the “captains” back and flip into the water.  You also get to see an amazing sunset!



The Tattoo Booze Cruise

This one is for the party people!  I went on this with my friend when we were about 20 years old.  It goes out at night and is a lot of fun with a ton of music and dancing.  They also have a 3 story enclosed water slide that empties into the Caribbean sea….can’t believe I did that!


Four Wheeling to the other side of the island

There are a bunch of different companies that do these tours.  I’ve done a couple but they all pretty much go to the other side of the island to show you some gorgeous uninhabited beached and cliffs.



Restaurants / Bars

  • The Sopranos Piano Bar – A super fun and intimate piano bar.  You can stand right next to the piano and request songs!
  • The Flying Fishbone Restaurant – An absolutely gorgeous sunset with tables are in the sand right on the water.  Great for a special night!
  • Texas de Brazil – A Brazilian Steakhouse.  You just can’t go wrong at a Brazilian Steakhouse.

You really can’t go wrong in Aruba.  It’s an awesome place to get away to a beautiful place, relax, and have some fun!