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    A Day in Long Island Wine Country

    Vineyards are one of my happy places.  There’s just something about them.  They’re beautiful, peaceful, and produce one of my favorite things – wine!  I am even lucky enough to have two beautiful vineyards in my own home town in Connecticut. … Continue reading

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    Bacon Guacamole

    Hi friends! I hope everyone had a fabulous start to the week.  I’m feeling much better since snapping out of a little funk I was in last week. Maybe I should add this recipe to one of the ways to … Continue reading

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    Grilled Blueberry Pork Chops

    Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a fabulous week.  The peak of my week was probably this gorgeous pork chop that we made on the grill.  Our meals can get very repetitive sometimes, especially in the summer when all we … Continue reading

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    Teaching My Very First Yoga Class

    Yes, you read that right! I taught my very first yoga class this weekend. It was sorta last minute, sort of non-traditional, and sort of awesome! My mom manages a gym in my home town. I’ve been getting antsy since … Continue reading

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    Yoga Teacher Training – Final Weekend!

    I am officially a trained yoga teacher! My final yoga teacher training weekend was already two weeks ago. I have subconsciously put off writing this post for a few reasons. I’m not sure I want to face the reality that … Continue reading

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    A Yoga Photo Shoot with Yogis of Connecticut

    Last weekend marked the end of my Yoga Teacher Training (post coming soon). To commemorate this incredible journey Alley, one of my fellow teacher trainees, offered to do a photo shoot with some of us! Alley has such a talent for … Continue reading

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    How To Make Homemade Paleo Beef Jerky

    So there’s definitely been a sort of jerky craze going on in my world lately. Andy and I started playing around with making our own back in January when I was doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Then all of … Continue reading

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    Paleo Friendly Coconut Basil Mojito

    That title is intriguing isn’t it? This recipe was inspired by a drink that we had at the Tipsy Tuna in Placencia, Belize. It was by far both mine and Andy’s favorite cocktail on our vacation. Mojitos have been my … Continue reading

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    Belize Part Two – San Pedro & Caye Caulker

    After we had a few days to wind down in Placencia it was time to head north and over to the island of Ambergris Caye or San Pedro. San Pedro is the name of the main town that sits on … Continue reading

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    Belize Part One – Placencia

    Hi Friends, it’s been a while! I am back from an amazing week in Belize (despite a rather nightmarish travel day home – but that’s for another post). Andy and I are relaxed, sun kissed, happy, and probably a few … Continue reading

We Got a Puppy!

Happy Tuesday loves!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and Monday.  This post was supposed to be published yesterday but I have a bit of distraction in my life as of Saturday.  Yes, that’s you read that right, we got a puppy!

Meet Rudy, our 8 week old Goldendoodle!

photo 1 (42)

He is by far the cutest little pup ever.  Yup, I am already starting to sound like one of those.  I even called him my puppy child on instagram….ahhh.

On the way to pick him up I must have repeated “I can’t believe we are getting a dog!” hundreds of times.  It’s obviously a big commitment and I just kept thinking, what if we’re not ready.  Well, I can tell you 48 hours in, it’s definitely an adjustment…but worth it!

Here is what the first 48 hours have looked like with a puppy. Continue reading

A Weekend in Savannah

Oh Savannah, what a quaint little fun city you are. Last weekend Andy and I went to Savannah, Georgia to visit Andy’s brother who lives down there.

This was my first time in Savannah and I really enjoyed everything it had to offer. Savannah is a small city with a big history. It is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the US! Because of it’s age and history there are a ton of cool little restaurants, bars, and inns lining old cobblestone streets along the Savannah River.

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Things To Do Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday #6 – Eats in Hilton Head

Hey there lovelies.  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We had a great time in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

We stayed there for two nights before our trip to Savannah since it’s only about an hour away.  The beaches were beautiful…soft sand, warm water, and a low tide that gives you plenty of space to spread out.

But let’s get to the good stuff…what we ate of course!  I thought this would be a much more appealing What I Ate Wednesday post than my normal eats.  Thanks Jenn for hosting!

As usual, we pretty much relied on Yelp to steer us in the right direction for most meals.  That and also the convenience factor is what brought us to each place.

Our hotel had an awesome beach bar and restaurant called the Tiki Hut.  They had live music all day and night and had some pretty good burgers surprisingly for a beach bar.

Mine came with mushrooms, onions, bacon, and Swiss.  Don’t you worry I did remove the bun! The salad it came with was great for being a “side salad.”
photo 1
The first night we ended up being a little late for dinner.  Hilton head doesn’t seem like it’s too hoppin’ late night so we needed somewhere close.  We heard live music across the street and decided to check it out (after a quick Yelp check).  It led us to Bomboras Grille and Chill Bar.

I drank Moscow mules in this sweet little tin cup.  Sometimes it’s the little things.
photo 2
For an appetizer we ordered a goat cheese and tomato dip.  It seriously tasted like pizza so what a treat!
photo 3
For dinner we shared three small plates that were not really all that small.  We got flank steak over potato pancakes topped with crispy onion rings, oh my.  The mahi mahi was over cheddar and bacon grits.  I still can’t get into the whole grits thing down here.  And then we had these awesome little crab cakes.  A lot of food, and a lot of non paleo eating.  But hey it’s vacation :)
photo 4
For breakfast the next day we found a little place tucked away in a huge plaza.  Hilton head seems to have a lot of plazas which is where you find a lot of the restaurants. Weird to get used to. I got a good ol’ trusted omelet.  I decided to go with chorizo and veggies to switch things up.
photo 5
Our second nights dinner brought us to Sea Pines.  We were a little confused at first as to what Sea Pines was, a resort or area of the island? Well it’s both.  Sea Pines is a resort and living community that literally occupies a huge chunk of the island (5,000 acres to be exact).  You actually have to go through a gate and pay $6 if you are not a guest there.  It seemed a little to Pleasantvillish for me, but it was pretty.
photo 2(2)
Harbour Town in Sea Pines is known for this quaint red and white light house over looking the harbor and the best sunsets on the island.

photo 1(2)

We ate dinner right in front of the light house at a restaurant called Topside.  We had a great bottle of red wine and bacon wrapped scallops to start. They were delicious!
photo 1(1)
I got their swordfish made to order.  I chose blackened with a tropical fruit salsa over dirty rice and black eyed peas.
photo 3(1)
Andy ordered the surf and turf which was awesome.  Can you really go wrong with steak and lobster?

photo 2(1)

And that’s a wrap for Hilton Head!  I think Andy and I are going to start a eat at home only challenge for the next few weeks.  Vacation makes you indulge which is a great thing but also makes me feel not the greatest when I come home!

Has anyone else been to Hilton Head?  Do you indulge on vacation?

Five Ways to Stay Present On and Off the Mat

Hi friends! I hope everyone’s week has been a good one.  I’m currently on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for a mini getaway.  We are visiting here and Savannah, Georgia until Monday.  It’s been beautiful so far…stay tuned for recaps next week!

In my first few months of teaching yoga I of course find myself telling my students constantly to “be present.” Boy is that a loaded two word phrase.  If you are new to yoga you may wonder what does ‘be present’ even mean?  Why should I ‘be present’?  How will this help me?

Being present is taking your attention to exactly what is happening in this exact moment.  Focusing on the here and now.

The practice (yes it is a practice) of finding presence is what kept me coming back to my mat over and over when I first found yoga.  Finding presence is something that I have taken off the mat with me and into life.

Learning to be present can help relieve worries about the past or future.  It can be highly effective in reducing stress and suppress feelings of anxiety.

Here are a few ways To practice being present on and off the mat:

Focus on your breathing.  Start to notice your natural breath.  The length of your inhales and exhales.  Where are you breathing from? Your belly or your chest? Now start to deepen your breath.  Fill up your low belly, feel your inhale travel up your torso and expand your ribs, let it carry into your chest and pause for a moment at the top. Exhale.

In challenging poses on your mat direct you attention to this practice of taking a full breath.  Off the mat, maybe when facing a stressful situation at work or at home, practice this deep breathing and you will feel yourself naturally come into a calmer state.

Get outside.  Being outdoors and breathing in the fresh air always helps me be in the moment.  Taking notice of the breeze sweeping over your body and through your hair.  Breathing in the smells and Listening to the sounds around you, whatever they may be.  Taking five minutes to feel your feet planted into the ground knowing that you are being held by this earth.  No matter what happened before or what happens after the earth will support you unconditionally.

Sweat.  Whenever I’m in savasana, I turn my attention to the drops of sweat slowly falling from my head.  This has always helped me stay present and keeps any distracting thoughts from creeping in.  Literally focusing on one drop at a time as it falls from my forehead down my face  on to my neck making it’s way down my chest.  I’m telling you it works!

Move.  It might go without saying but getting your body to move is one of the easiest ways to destress and forget about distracting worries or fears.  On your mat this is easy but even during other forms of movement it can be achieved.  On a run try and focus on each foot hitting the ground one after the other.  In the gym try and focus on the engagement of your muscles as you lift your weights or pull on that bar.  Feel your body working and what it’s capable of.

Acknowledge and let go.  Alright let’s face it our human brains are extremely active.  It can feel close to impossible to actually turn them off.  We all know this and should simply acknowledge it.  As you try to become present thoughts will inevitably come up.  Instead of getting frustrated simply acknowledge those thoughts, let them go, and return back to your breathing or anything else I mentioned above.

Learning to be present has so many benefits.  The Huffington Post calls this practice mindfulness meditation.  They found research that even proves it reduces stress levels.

So the next time you are feeling stressed or anxious and worried, try one of these techniques and let me know how it turns out.

Off to Savannah! Have a great weekend everyone!

Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training

Simply choosing to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training is a big deal.  Most of us contemplating the decision are doing so while already working or studying full time.  Most of us contemplating the decision are doing so because yoga at one point or another had a profound impact on our lives.  

So after making the biggest decision of actually signing up for Yoga Teacher Training the next is which Yoga Teacher Training?

Choosing A Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Trainings come in all different forms.  The most popular you will find while researching are: Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend Adventures in Connecticut

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!  I can’t believe summer is coming to an end.  Fall is my absolute favorite season but I’m just not quite ready to say farewell to summer yet.

I soaked up every bit of this weekend without having to travel very far.  It was one of those weekends that made me grow a little more of an appreciation for where I live here in Connecticut.  So often, especially those of us with a case of wanderlust, wish we could visit a new place every chance we get.  Over the past year I have definitely tried to take time to explore my home state and get to know it on a new, more appreciative level.  This weekend I did just that!

Also, the winner of the LARABAR RENOLA giveaway was Giselle from My Happy Healthy Home. Congrats Giselle!

Scenes from my Labor Day Weekend Adventures

We went kayaking off the shore of Milford with Scoot and Paddle.  They led a group of us out for about an hour.

photo 1 (38)


Andy and I got a tandem kayak.  This was our first time kayaking together. Someone told us it’s the “divorce” kayak but I think we did just fine :) Continue reading

The Primal Yogi’s First Birthday & a LARABAR RENOLA Giveaway

One year ago today I hit publish for the very first time on The Primal Yogi. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! To be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up with blogging but to my surprise I somehow made it work. I guess when you really love something nothing will get in your way to get it done!


I first started blogging to simply share travel stories, recipes, and ways I stay healthy in this busy world. Then in January when I started yoga teacher training (which was only a thought when I first started the blog) The Primal Yogi became a space for me to recap my experience.

The Primal Yogi is still evolving just as my career and life are. The plan is to keep this space for sharing and inspiring my readers through stories of yoga, healthy living, and travel.

Here are some of The Primal Yogi’s most popular posts over the past 365 days. And make sure to scroll down for a birthday giveaway! This giveaway is closed.  Congrats to Giselle over at My Healthy Happy Home for winning the RENOLA giveaway! Continue reading

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